We all want a beautiful space where our family can gather together and enjoy each other’s company.  However, a family room is one area in the home that is going to get extra wear and tear.  So why not conceptualize your design and create a beautiful space that can withstand the test of time?  

Durable, washable fabrics such as cotton slipcovers and removable pillow covers will allow you to simply slip off soiled fabrics and toss them in the wash.  Bean bag or toss chairs with polyester covers are a great idea for kiddos that may want to eat while watching their favorite show or movie.  If food spills happen, a quick wipe of the cloth saves the day!  This lends to our next point…



Couch Slipcover /

Bean Bag Toss Chairs /  :



Ditch the idea of wool rugs.  Instead, washable cotton and polyester rugs are both great choices for handling spills and stains.  If choosing from a neutral palette, a grey or beige color would serve you better than white or off-white.  If you must have white, consider layering a white rug underneath a smaller rug, in the color of your choice.  The colored rug will better hide stains and withstand wear, you get your pop of white, and everybody wins!


Next, come your surfaces.  Repeat after me:  “I will not choose glass.”  When choosing a coffee table and side tables, go for a sealed, painted wood or other wipeable material.  This will be a huge time saver and will serve you well each and every time you tidy up.  The same concept goes for trays you may set atop the coffee table.  Materials such as wicker and glass are major dust and condensation collectors.  If you still find yourself being drawn to the idea of glass, why not consider placing a candle inside a mercury glass hurricane?  This is a smaller, vertical décor item that is much easier to wipe clean than an entire surface.  


Refinished Coffee Table /


Mercury Glass Hurricane / :


These are my thoughts on creating an easy to clean, stylish living space for your family.  I hope this has inspired you to design!